A Way to Pray for Your Church

Would you like an effective way to pray for your church? Here’s a simple but tremendous suggestion. Pray using 1 John 2:12-14 as a guide.

In these verses, the Apostle John speaks to three cross-sections of a congregation: little children, young men and fathers. If these categories represent life stages, I see it this way. John is speaking to young children (especially boys), unmarried singles (esp. teen and college-age men) and married adult men.

When you pray for your church, this threesome provides a simple outline to follow. Pray for the children of your church, the singles (teens and adult) of your church, and the grown, married men of your church. Unique challenges confront the church members in each of these life stages. And each deserves focused prayer and attention.

So consider praying this way for your church! Make a list of some specific prayer requests that represent each group and bring them before the Lord in prayer – in your personal prayers and together with others from your church. This kind of prayer will make a strategic difference.

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