Be Like David (Robinson), Not Like Mike (Jordan)

What would you say if you were inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame? The NBA inducted Michael Jordan and David Robinson into the Hall in 2009. (David Robinson happens to be my favorite basketball player.) As part of the induction ceremony, both men delivered an acceptance speech. Michael spoke beyond his time limit, while David kept it brief. Michael talked about himself, and David spoke about others: his wife, his sons, his coaches, his teammates and, most of all, God.

Voddie Baucham summarized the contrast between these two men and their speeches like this:

  1. David Elevated Others… Mike Elevated Mike
  2. David Honored His Family… Mike Honored Himself
  3. David Was Brief… Mike Was Indulgent
  4. David Honored God… Mike Honored Basketball
  5. David sees His Legacy in His Family… Mike sees His Legacy in His Highlights

If you are a boy or man of any age, I highly recommend that you watch David’s 7-minute speech.

HT: AC via JT via Andy Naselli

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