Committed to the Wisdom God Provides

Do you need to ask God for wisdom on a regular basis for all kinds of challenges? Yes, most definitely (Jam. 1:5). And does God provide wisdom to all kinds of people? He certainly does. And does He provide this wisdom without hesitation and scolding? Affirmatively yes! Then why do you frequently hesitate to ask Him for wisdom? And why do you doubt that He will provide it when you actually attempt to ask Him for it? After all, if God is so lavish in dispensing wisdom to people, why would you pause before asking?

Perhaps the reason you refrain from asking God for the appropriate skill to navigate hard times, challenging relationships, and difficult circumstances is because you have a hunch that the wisdom He intends to provide will not be what you want Him to give. Whenever you ask for wisdom, you naturally tend to want wisdom to escape the trial and dissolve the challenge as smoothly and painlessly as possible. But the wisdom that God provides often tends to supply the skill necessary to remain in the trial and to endure through the challenge at hand. You want to escape when God wants you to endure. And sometimes He wants you to endure for a very long time.

You want to escape when God wants you to endure.

A person who avoids suffering at all cost and refuses to consider the significance of remaining in the thick of a difficult trial may temporarily appear to enjoy an easier path. But don’t be fooled. Escape and ease do not foster endurance, the kind of spiritual toughness that only God provides. The kind that He only provides in the experience of trials (Jam. 1:3-4). And without spiritual endurance, a person will fail to be transformed in his character in a kaleidoscope of ways. A person who resists the wisdom to endure will experience a transient sort of tranquility. Yes, they will actually experience a restless, uncertain, and turbulent life (Jam. 1:6-8).

Let me encourage you to be bold enough to ask God for wisdom whenever you encounter the challenges of life, especially the challenges of the Christian life. Be entirely prepared to receive the kind of guidance that will lead you further into the trials, not quickly out of them. Will you experience pain and discomfort? Probably yes. Definitely yes. But it will still be wisdom. True wisdom tends to lead a person towards the suffering of the cross, not away from it. The world doesn’t call this wisdom. But God does. And when you are committed to the wisdom that God provides, including the suffering – you will find that you are more like God in the end, when it does eventually come.

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