Cultivating Ministry at Home

Home is a shelter from the world. A place for rest and play, friendship, laughter and memories. And home is a place for ministry. God prepares us for ministry at church through the ministry of evangelists, pastors, and teachers. And He provides us with multiplied opportunities at home to accomplish this vital work in so many ways.

Children need to see ministry in action at home. While hearty participation in church ministry venues is vital, children need parents to go beyond, taking initiative to do ministry through home and family settings. A Great Commission, service-minded atmosphere at home will better instill ministry vision and values in the hearts of your children.

Children need parents who embrace ministry with childlike faith. They need parents who give themselves to evangelism and hospitality, beyond attending Sunday and Wednesday services. Who talk about people by name, people with physical and spiritual needs which they are burdened to meet. Who pray about these people at meal time and family devotions. Who invite them over for a meal. Who call them on the phone throughout the week.

Children need parents to include them in ministry. They need to know that your family serves God together. You meet spiritual and physical needs as a team, and each member is a vital member of that team. You rake leaves for a widow in the church, together. You bake Christmas cookies, package them, and distribute them to unsaved neighbors on your street, together. You pray about coworkers and friends, together. You prepare a meal and deliver it to a family in need, together. You serve God, meet needs, and make disciples together.

Children need parents to provide them with ministry opportunities of their own. They need parents who believe that God is big enough to lead and use them, as children. Pray with your children. Brainstorm together. Are they burdened to invite a neighbor child to VBS? Go next door and let them do the talking. Are they burdened to help a Sunday School friend get some new clothes? Go shopping together and let them spend a little of their own birthday money to meet that need. Do they want to write their own gospel tract with pictures and send it for a missionary to use? Make sure they have the paper and markers they need, and cover the postage. Tell them it’s a great idea! Let them take it to the post office with you.

Ministry at church and ministry at home, this is a winning combination. May the Lord enable us as parents with wisdom and grace to lead our children into meaningful ministry, meeting the needs of fellow church members and reaching the lost in the neighborhoods around us. May ministry fill our hearts and run over into the hearts of our children, filling them with a vision for ministry as big as the heart of God.

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