Deacons as a Historical and Biblical Role

Deacons are not a modern church innovation. They have served alongside pastors from the outset of church history, appearing first in the Jerusalem congregation not long after Pentecost (Acts 6:1-7). Some years later, Paul specifically mentioned both the pastors and deacons as designated roles in another congregation, this time at Philippi (Phil 1:1). In a letter to Timothy, he mentioned deacons again in conjunction with pastors Only this time he provided a battery of standard qualifications for men who would fill this position (1 Tim 3:8-13).

Deacons are not a modern church innovation.

Beyond these references, some suggest that like Paul, Peter also alluded to pastors and deacons respectively as “those who speak” and “those who minister” (1 Pet 4:11). But regardless of whether Peter alluded to pastors and deacons, the clear trail of evidence demonstrates that the role of deacons in a church is both biblical and historical.

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