Discovering Spiritual Gifts

As a pastor, I enjoy gifts. Do you? I enjoy spiritual gifts, that is. I enjoy discovering the spiritual ministry gifts God has given to the members of Faith Baptist Church. And I enjoy encouraging and equipping them to serve the church according to their spiritual gifts (Eph. 4:11-12). On occasion, I even discover leadership gifts, such as evangelist and pastor!

What spiritual gifts do I discover? Romans 12:6-8 provides a helpful list, followed by helpful instructions for equipping believers to handle their spiritual gifts in a responsible, spiritual manner.

  • Service – seeing needs within the church family and meeting them, focusing on physical, earthly, practical needs
  • Teaching – studying and explaining the Bible to others with a strong desire for transformation and obedience
  • Exhortation – challenging other believers to right behavior, pointing out possible disobedience and backsliding
  • Administration – managing details and increasing order within the church
  • Mercifulness – seeing needs within the church family and meeting them with compassion and kindness, focusing on spiritual and personal heart needs

As members participate faithfully in church worship and ministry events and as I spend time in fellowship with them outside of official church functions, I develop closer relationships with them, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, their personalities, abilities, talents, skills, interests and spiritual gifts.

As they regularly surrender to the Lord and obey the clear commands of Scripture in dependence upon the Holy Spirit (Rom. 12:1-2), they develop increased interest and demonstrate a special effectiveness in certain aspects of church life: service, teaching, exhortation, administration and showing mercy. And I am not alone when I notice these things. Other faithful, obedient, spiritually minded believers do as well.

As spiritual gifts become clear, I enjoy pointing them out in a person and doing what I can as a shepherd to find ways for them to put their gift to work. This includes praying, teaching and counseling them to experience consistent personal victory in their walk with God. And it also includes providing biblical teaching about the importance of their gift and how to serve in that way, depending on the Spirit in genuine humility and selflessness.

As members grow in Christlike maturity and their spiritual gifts become more evident and effective, Faith Baptist Church grows stronger and more fruitful as a church family. And that is why I enjoy discovering the spiritual gifts God has given us!

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  1. Tsering Gurung
    Tsering Gurung says:

    1 Corinthians 14 talks about speaking in tongues. I have seen and heard people “speaking in tongues,” which gave me a traumatic experience when I was a little girl. It was an experience that made me never want to go back to that particular church because people would jump and scream. I know that speaking in tongues doesn’t happen now a days, but which specific passage in the scripture would you recommend me to look into? And thank you pastor!

  2. TOvermiller
    TOvermiller says:

    Tsering, you play the audio message or read the written transcript here. It provides a helpful, biblical answer to your question. I will also give you my short answer.

    First, the tongues-speaking that occurs in Acts 2 was a God-given ability to speak the gospel in foreign, Gentile languages that the Jewish people of Jerusalem did not know. The Old Testament prophesied that this would happen (Isa. 28:11-12). Furthermore, when a person in a church in the first century spoke in foreign languages which they or the congregation did not know, the Bible gave clear instructions requiring another 1-2 believers to interpret what the person was saying. If this interpretation did not occur, then it was inappropriate for anyone to speak in tongues at church (1 Cor. 14:27).

    Ultimately, this ability to speak in tongues has ended (1 Cor. 13:8). What people call speaking in tongues today is nothing more than inappropriate gibberish. It has nothing to do with true Christianity or biblical worship. Hope this helps! Please share this with Dawa, too, so that you can talk about it together. God bless.

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