Episode 70: Teaching Like Jesus

Since every Christian is a teacher, every Christian should learn to teach Bible truth effectively (Matt. 28:19-20). And since Jesus was a teacher from God (John 3:2), we should give serious attention to His teaching methods, as well as His message. We find a good example of this in John 3:1-21, when Jesus taught Nicodemus. Join Pastor Thomas Overmiller to learn how Jesus taught others, and how you can teach others as well.

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  1. Rhulani
    Rhulani says:

    Good lesson i believe this will improves my teaching opportunity by using answering question to teach. this is Rhulani based in South Africa.

  2. TOvermiller
    TOvermiller says:

    It’s my pleasure to hear from you, Rhulani! Please give my regards to my father and Laura. You can find this lesson in text format, to read and to print, here. May God give you the strength, wisdom and maturity to obey His Word and to become the Christian leader God has called you to be!

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