How to Never Be Offended

Are you easily offended? Thin-skinned? Hypersensitive? Touchy?

Do you lose spiritual focus when a stranger slings a rude comment your way? Or a friend misses a planned appointment? Or a preacher mentions your pet sin? Or relatives forget your birthday? Or a fellow church member asks why you were absent from a service? Or your spouse asks you a question, about anything?

Or perhaps you lose spiritual focus for just about anything that surprises, disappoints or inconveniences you.

If any of this is true about you, then you’re not alone. Many Christians share your struggle, but they don’t have to! I say this because of Psalm 119:165, a verse that I strongly encourage you to memorize and embrace.

Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them (Psalm 119:165).

So how do you prevent yourself from stumbling spiritually over obstacles that come your way? Here is the key: love the law of God.

If you treasure the Word of God, you will learn what it says, internalize what it says and believe what it says. The more you love God’s words, the more you will study and embrace what He teaches, and the more you will think biblical, God-given thoughts.

When people make strange faces at you (and they will), say difficult things to you (and they will) and let you down (and they certainly will), then you will be less inclined to stumble. Their words and actions will not alter your spiritual course, because you know what the Bible tells you about that situation, and you know that God is in control.

Know a little of God’s Word, and you will be prepared a little. Know a lot of God’s Word, and you will be prepared a lot.

Do you love the Word of God? Have you internalized His truth so thoroughly that you are prepared for whatever stumbling block lands in front of you today? If you do, then you will not be offended by anything that comes your way.

In conclusion, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. What specific things bother me, cause me to stumble spiritually and to prompt me to lose my spiritual focus?
  2. What does the Bible teach about these things, about God, and about His ways?

Internalize all that you can about God and His truth regarding the things that trip you up spiritually. Embrace this truth with all of your heart, and God will enable you to navigate these pesky challenges in victory.

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