Manhood Lesson 4: A Man is Courteous

Men's Mobile Bible Institute

Bible Verse: James 3:17

But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.

  • Consider the Word – 1: What are the positive qualities (which are the results of purity) that should describe how you treat other people?
  • Personalize the Word – 1: Why do we find these qualities difficult to experience as men?
  • Consider the Word – 2: What are the negative qualities that should not describe how you treat other people?
  • Personalize the Word – 2: Why do these negative qualities easily occur in our treatment of others?
  • Take Action: How can you as a man treat others with greater respect and care?
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  1. Jose
    Jose says:

    Am I easy to be entreated? It’s a question that has been resounding in my inner being. As a husband, father, and teacher((I find myself mostly in one of these three roles,) situations have a tendency to occur in such unpredictable ways that forces me to analyze myself in regards to that question. Thanks Jesus for showing me a better way!

  2. TOvermiller
    TOvermiller says:

    If our homes and churches were filled with men who are approachable and who genuinely listen, our young people would ask more meaningful questions and share their challenges more freely. We would all learn and mature as Christians, and overcome a multitude of sins.

  3. Itai
    Itai says:

    A Man Is Courteous – Class Notes
    What is wisdom – applied knowledge, taking what you know and applying it, applying knowledge successfully, skillful knowledge
    We are good at many things, but we are not good at living well. We need wisdom to be able to live skillfully

    What are men good at ?
    Wisdom can be from above, or could be from below.

    Qualities of wisdom from above :
    Peaceable – making peace possible. Your presence increases peace
    Full of mercy – someone who is very merciful – giving people what they don’t deserve. Don’t push for justice or legalism “all the time”, learn to overlook the little things
    Gentle – not harsh, not stern or mean
    Easy to be entreated – accept change, adapt, easy to approach/approachable, not easily offended
    Good fruits – good things happen when you put your hands into action, positive results
    Without partiality – don’t show favoritism, you can talk to anyone
    Without hypocrisy – a man that is not putting on a show, a man that is real
    Godly wisdom – a way of approaching life without clashes

    First Pure – this is the first and most important quality
    Pure – to be ONE, one thing, to be one minded
    One – I have to live for my wife, I exist for her. Singe mind
    Men however are aware of their image, and can behave ungodly because we care for ourselves
    We need to be unselfish rather than selfish
    We need to do things for the right motive, and that motive is not selfishness
    Ultimately we need to love the Lord with ALL of our heart
    Not being selfish takes “sacrifice” – i.e., there is a cost
    When you walk close to God, God takes care of you even though you have sacrificed
    Look at the example of Jesus, the ultimate sacrifice

    The wisdom which is from below is – bitterness, envy, and strife – that wisdom is develish
    Strife – it is the word for Politics. Politics – saying what people want to hear.
    If you have the wisdom from below, you can not have Godly wisdom
    Politics can even creep its way into a church
    Let’s deal with self, and let self die

    Another definition for Purity – juggling only one ball which is easy and simple. But when we focus on “self”, we stand to juggle multiple balls and that gets complicated.
    If you have bitterness, strife, envy, then you are selfish and struggle with selfishness
    We need to deal with our selfishness.
    I am not here for me.

  4. TOvermiller
    TOvermiller says:

    If you haven’t heard it yet, the “Learning to Listen” podcast has been the most-listened-to podcast in the Shepherd Thoughts series. It presents biblical thoughts about this important quality of men who are good listeners. You can hear the episode by clicking here.

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