Manhood Lesson 7: A Man is Obedient

Men's Mobile Bible Institute

Bible Verse: James 1:22

But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.

  • Consider the Word – 1: What kind of response should a Christian man have towards the Word of God?
  • Personalize the Word – 1: What are some obstacles that discourage you from responding this way?
  • Consider the Word – 2: How do we deceive ourselves? And why is it easy to fall into this trap?
  • Personalize the Word – 2: Do you recognize this tendency in your own life?
  • Take Action: How can you become more responsive to what you find in the Word of God?
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  1. Itai
    Itai says:

    Class Notes
    Should we be just content with knowing God’s word ?
    We need to also “DO” and act upon that knowledge.
    What does it mean to “do” the word ?
    1) obedience
    2) putting it into motion/action
    3) a thought that affect your behavior
    4) a man should treat the bible the way he wants his children to obey him. Obey God’s word just like a child obeys his parents
    Why Not act on God’s word ?
    1) It is easier to listen and not to do
    2) We have trouble listening in the first place
    3) We are very busy and have no time
    4) There are things we want to do more
    5) Why should I set things aside now just to have a better kingdom promise in the future, we struggle with that
    Do you have faith, but no works to back up your faith ?
    How do we deceive ourselves ?
    1) By being hearers only
    2) We don’t really show our love to God
    3) We don’t see ourselves as the sinners that we are, compared to a holy God
    Obedience – obedience is doing what we don’t want to do
    You need to be humble to agree that God can still work to change you
    The goal is obedience and not information
    May we be the kind of men that listen eagerly, but then we actually do something about it
    Obedience is when the word of God actually impacts and changes our life

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