Mentoring Men Successfully

Faith Baptist Church thanks Bro. David Bennett for his recent teaching ministry, equipping us with important principles for for biblical, effective mentoring and disciple-making. Here are the links you need to review the material or check it out for the first time. I trust it will be a help!

Deliberate Discipleship: Mentoring On Purpose

This 8-page PDF Bible study material provides detailed teaching on principles for selecting, concentrating on and associating with your disciples. Click here.

Walking in the Garden: Intimate Fellowship with God

This heart-stirring audio session provides valuable perspective about your daily quiet time with the Lord, a necessity for anyone intent on making disciples. Click here.

Fanning Your Spiritual Passion: A Requirement for Spiritual Leadership

This audio sessions describes helpful insights on the 5 types of relationships we experience in a disciple-making church. How do these relationships influence each other? Click here.

Life – Your Setting for Making Disciples

This audio session presents foundational principles underlying your God-given mission to make disciples, through your home and church. Click here.

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