Morning and Evening Praise to God

As a result of the Faith Baptist Church music seminar, with guest speaker David Ledgerwood, our family has increased the role that music plays in our family worship. As a result, we are singing two songs together as a family, as part of our daily, weekday routine. This has proven to be a wonderful way to start and end our day together, focused on the Lord.

Morning Song

After breakfast, we sing a delightful song called Morning Worship, written by Silas Martin.

Evening Song

Then, as part of family devotions in the evening, we sing An Evening Hymn, written by Thomas Ken. You are probably familiar with the last verse, often called The Doxology. We are learning the entire song and singing it to the familiar Old Hundreth tune.

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  1. Rhulani
    Rhulani says:

    Worship hymns have became the most significant part of my spiritual growth, I love singing worship hymns especially with my dad, I always teach him songs he don’t know which lead to the whole family ended up joining us.

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