My 5 for Friday (December 2, 2016)

How much attention do you give to prayer in your personal life and what prevents you? How well do you participate in prayer together with your church? What steps are you taking to strengthen your approach to prayer?

Give thought to these questions and more in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  • What Happened to the Prayer Meeting? by Tom Palmer. Meaningful corporate prayer meetings in American churches have regressed. Tom Palmer says, “Our churches in the 21st century have allowed the prayer meeting to become a lot more ‘meeting’ than ‘prayer.'” Why is this a problem and how can we turn it around?
  • Why Difficulties in the Bible are a Good Thing by Mark Ward. The Bible is not always easy to understand, even for sincere, studious Christians. But why does God permit such difficulties? Mark Ward observes that “God calls us to prayer through Bible difficulties.” Take a closer look at why Bible difficulties are a good thing.
  • Jesus Prayed by Frank Jones. Do you make prayer a priority the way Jesus did? Frank Jones reminds us that “the perfect Man teaches us that frequent retirement is necessary for a perfect man to live out the will of the Father.” Take a moment to consider this brief but profound devotional perspective.
  • Making Prayer a Priority in Your Children’s Ministry by Dale Hudson. If any church ministry should not run on autopilot, it is the children’s ministry. And yet, the opposite is often the case. Dale Hudson says, “In the busyness of children’s ministry it’s easy to forget what matters most and makes the biggest impact…prayer..” You’ll be encouraged by considering these 7 helpful ways to make prayer a prominent part of your children’s ministry.
  • When Sin Keeps You from Prayer by Erik Raymond. A church member shared with Erik Raymond that “sin keeps them from prayer, and … over time, the guilt over sin makes it quite difficult to pray.” Have you also experienced this dilemma? Perhaps these thoughts from Erik will motivate you to keep short accounts with God and to access God’s amazing grace.

Then here’s a bonus! Keep Praying by Tim Rabon. “Many of us quit praying just before the Lord answers.

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