My 5 for Friday (January 6, 2017)

Who are the children in your family, ministry or sphere of influence? Do you love them as Jesus did (Matthew 19:14)? Are you teaching them and building their faith as Jesus would have you to do?

Take a look at this week’s My 5 for Friday to consider some thought-provoking perspectives about the children in our lives:

  • Inner-City Teacher’s Philosophy Will Help Anyone Who Works with Children, by Lindsay.
  • Should We Teach the Wrath of God to Children? by Josh Young. “When I look at some of the great passages in Scripture that most clearly command us parents to teach our children, I’m surprised and rebuked,” says Josh,”how closely those commands are linked to fearing God—often with the context of his judgments against disobedience being very near.” Get some very helpful thoughts here on teaching hard doctrines to children.
  • How Children are Left Out in Church. I do not endorse the Family Integrated Church movement. But their website provides some good suggestions here for how to be sure we include our children in church.
  • The Bumpy and Unexpected Journey with Special Needs by Cindi FerriniCindi shares from personal experience when she writes, “Bumpy is life with a child with special needs. They have many needs, particularities, and demands, etc. that can sometimes become quite overwhelming to us.” Do you have children with special needs in your family or sphere of influence? Then find some encouragement in this brief post.
  • 20 Hymns Your Kids Should Know from Jonathan Aigner. “Kids don’t grow up singing hymns anymore, writes Jonathan Aigner. “For those of us who are people of Christian faith, that simply can’t be okay.” I have to admit that I don’t know all of the hymns he mentions, but I benefited by combing through them and being reminded of the rich music that’s out there to the praise of God. Our children need to be exposed to music like this.
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