My First 10K, and 1.5 Miles of the Attributes of God

The Route for My First 10K

This morning I reached a new milestone by running an unofficial 10K for the first time, completing the course in 61 minutes. I look forward to reducing this time in future runs! But most of all, I thank the Lord for the health and ability to do this.

In the middle of the course, my running partner and I did something helpful, in more ways than one. We recited the names and attributes of God out loud, alternating back and forth. While this certainly increased our mental focus during a grueling stretch, lasting 1.5 miles (2.4K), it also increased my appreciation for God, and my awareness of His presence and power.

There are so many significant names, descriptions and attributes of God, more than we could recall I am sure. According to one source, there are 900+ names and attributes of God. How many can you recite?

Do you run? What do you think about when you run? Have you recited the names and attributes of God? I recommend it!



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