I love God. I love my children. And I love serving God together with my children.

Before moving to New York City, we lived in Milwaukee, the northwest side. There I directed a bus route for our church’s annual Vacation Bible School outreach. This bus route serviced my immediate neighborhood.

As a result, I spent many long, hot hours, usually in the evening, walking the neighborhood, distributing invitations and registering children and parents for VBS. And that’s how my daughter Emily acquired her nickname (one of many), Pedalina.

As I canvased our neighborhood, I rarely went alone. One or more of my children frequently joined me. I especially remember canvassing with Emily, my daughter. She’d ride along beside me with her red tricycle, pedaling and pedaling as I distributed brochures and tracts. We had a wonderful time together, serving the Lord.

We sang songs. Laughed. Shared funny stories. Talked about Jesus. We told her why we were doing this. Sometimes we prayed as we walked. I shared with her my desire to see God change transform lives in our community, how I believed God placed us in our neighborhood for a reason. I also shared with her how glad I was that God had put her in our family, and that God wanted her to be in His family, too!

Throughout these sidewalk journeys, which amounted to many miles all together, Emily pedaled her red tricycle – dutifully, energetically and joyfully.

Pedal. Pedal. Pedal.

When the week of VBS arrived, she and her brothers joined me and Sarah on the bus. Together, we greeted the children and parents who boarded the bus. And together, we said goodbye to them when we dropped them off afterwards. We talked together about the day, prayed together and thanked the Lord for the progress and fruit that He was accomplishing.

Pedalina. The name I gave my daughter as a young girl, riding her tricycle, reaching out to our neighborhood with the gospel of Jesus Christ. How do you serve the Lord together with your children?

I love God. I love my daughter. I love my Pedalina.


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