Session 6: Preparations for Marriage

Session Overview

This session is designed to complete the counseling cycle and will transition towards procedural preparations. The pastor will review important topics, address remaining concerns, and answer remaining questions. He will then open a discussion and answer questions about the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception guidelines, referring to the Wedding Planner guide. This discussion will establish the preeminence of Christ in all wedding proceedings and encourage the couple to make plans that glorify a holy, loving, and faithful God (1 Cor 10:31; Col 1:18). Attention will be given to: (1)   prioritizing excellence and simplicity over extravagance, (2) presenting the gospel, (3) abstaining from alcohol and dancing, (4) ensuring modest attire, (5) establishing guidelines for musical selections, and (6) setting dates, times, and locations. This session will conclude by asking if the couple has any further questions, celebrating their upcoming marriage as a wonderful gift from God and offering a dedicatory prayer.

Biblical Perspective

  1. Who should be the primary concern in all your wedding proceedings (Colossians 1:18)?

The word preeminence means “first place.”

  1. What should all your wedding proceedings accomplish (1 Corinthians 10:31)?

The word glory refers to doing things that reflect the goodness and holiness of God and give honor and respect to him.

  1. What kind of things should not be a part of your wedding proceedings (1 Peter 4:1-4)?
  2. What is appropriate wedding attire (1 Tim 2:9-11)? Considering this and previous financial principles, should your proceedings be extravagant or modest?



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