So Where’s the Science?

The current transgender phenomenon is real. Real people are facing real internal struggles. But this fact alone does not mean that popular conclusions about this phenomenon are equally true.

As I observe public discourse on this subject, I’m struck by the noticeable lack of scientific evidence to support innate transgender claims. We’re told to accept this phenomenon as a normal, appropriate condition. A woman may “identify” as a man or a man as a woman, and we are told to accept this as a real identity. But on what basis? Certainly not a scientific one. Instead, it seems that scientists are chasing for answers in vain.

The Washington Times reported on a 143-page paper, published by The New Atlantis journal, which analyzed hundreds of related studies. This scientific hunt for a “causal, biological explanation for sexual orientation and gender identity” turned up empty.

Christians who insist on divine, verbal creation as the true view of human and material origin stand on solid biblical ground. Evolutionary adherents disagree, and they do so on the grounds of science. But the science they embrace remains uncertain, rooted in fashionable theories rather than observable, repeatable facts. This may well qualify for what Paul told Timothy to avoid, “logically inconsistent knowledge that is falsely called science” (1 Tim. 6:20).

But here’s an even greater contradiction. At least evolutionary adherents point to science of some kind or another. Yet the rising pressure to embrace transgender identity as perfectly normal fails at this entirely. It forges ahead without even pretending to be scientific. Does that concern you?

There’s science. Then there’s false science (1 Tim. 6:20). Then there’s outright self-contradiction (Rom. 1:22).

The gender confusion we are witnessing today matches Paul’s description of a morally conflicted, atheistic society (Rom. 1:18-32). We insist that science guides us. But at the same time, we embrace a novel view of human gender, despite an obvious lack of any firm scientific basis. In this way, the academic and purported scientific standards of our society contradict. Do you agree?

We claim to be intelligent and scientific, but we have actually descended into the fog of foolishness. We’re being irrationally inconsistent.

Genesis 1:27 still stands. It is a fact that never changes and stands up to the rigorous tests of true science. “God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” And these three basic realities about human identity (created by God, created in God’s image, and created male and female) provide a solid foundation for answering the questions we face today. May God give us the wisdom and grace to do this.

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