The Benefits of Financial Giving

An Encouraging Perspective

Those who give finances to God and meet the needs of others with the money God gives them, they receive benefits in return. Do you agree? Paul told the members of the church in Philippi that they “did well” when they gave some of their money to meet his physical needs (Phil. 4:14). Then he clarified himself by saying that he applauded their giving not because he wanted more money, but because he wanted them to reap the fruits that come from giving (Phil. 4:17).

What are the fruits or benefits of giving money to God and meeting the needs of others?

Wealth in God’s Future Kingdom

Financial advisers encourage you to think 30 years ahead, not just 3 months. But better yet, you should think ahead 3 million years. Are you doing that?

Jesus teaches plainly that there will be treasure in heaven (Matt. 6:20). This future treasure will be different from treasure today because it will be permanent, free from corrosion, devaluation and theft. I cannot fully explain this heavenly treasure. But I know, based upon the teaching of Jesus, that I accumulate this treasure whenever I properly use my financial resources now for eternal causes. Heavenly treasure is a benefit of financial giving. Are you accumulating any of this yourself?

Positions of Service for God in His Future Kingdom

In addition to eternal treasure, Jesus teaches us about future positions of service in his kingdom (Matt. 25:21). Those who are faithful to manage the small amount of financial resources he gives them in this life will be given the responsibility of governing a large amount of things in his future kingdom. Like any kingdom, the kingdom of God will be governed in many layers, with God’s children holding various positions of leadership and service. Those who are faithful in this life will be given significant opportunities to serve God in his future kingdom. Those who were stingy and mismanaged their finances in this life will not experience the same opportunity.

Those who are faithful in this life will be given significant opportunities to serve God in his future kingdom.

Increased Happiness

Jesus taught that a person is more happy when he gives to meet the needs of others than when he takes from others to meet his own needs (Acts 20:35). “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Have you experienced this joy? Have you given of your finances to meet the needs of a brother or sister in Christ? Were you happier after you gave than before? You were! And that’s a wonderful benefit of giving.

Temporal Needs Met

When you give financially to meet the needs of others, rest assured that God will meet your needs as well. He will not leave you empty. He will not leave you begging. When the believers at Philippi gave money to meet Paul’s material needs, he assured them that God would meet their needs in turn (Phil. 4:19).

Potential for Temporal Wealth

In addition to temporal needs being met, the believer who gives faithfully, according to biblical principles, may receive increased wealth in this life, not only in the next (Lk. 6:38). This does not guarantee increased personal wealth as a result of giving, but it certainly is a possibility. Does this mean that for every $1 you give to God, he gives you back $10? And for every $1,000 you give to meet the needs of others, God will give you back $10,000? No, it does not. But Scripture clearly indicates that some believers will be rich, but not all (1 Tim. 6:17-19).

A Sobering Warning

With these benefits in mind, it is important to consider the clarion warning of Scripture. We should give liberally and faithfully, but with great caution at the same time. Giving for any motivation other than the glory of God is misguided. For instance, God may bless a faithful giver with financial riches. But any believer who gives in order to be rich falls into a terrible trap. This believer will inevitably experience many painful sorrows in life (1 Tim. 6:6-10).

God doesn’t participate in any “pay to play” schemes, so never “give to get” something from God.

God doesn’t participate in any “pay to play” schemes, so never “give to get” something from God. Whenever you give, do it to glorify God (1 Cor. 10:31). Do it because you serve a giving God, and he loves to meet the needs of others through you.

Are there benefits to giving? Yes. But the greatest benefit is knowing that God fulfilled his purpose for the finances he entrusted to your care. There’s no greater benefit than being a channel of grace for a loving, giving God.


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