The Monty Williams Speech (or Sermon)

If you have not listened to this 4-min. video clip, I highly encourage you to do so – especially if you are a Christian man. Genuine examples of Christian virtue, biblical truth and genuine manhood are rare in the world of professional sports; but they do occur. Most recently, Assistant Coach for the Oklahoma City Thunder, delivered a clarion, heartfelt speech (more like a sermon) in memory of his beloved wife, who died as a victim of a car accident.

And in cased you missed it:

  • Have you listened to the Hall of Fame induction speech by David Robinson in 2009? It’s a rare gem in the professional sports world, and you can catch it here. You will be impacted by his respect for leadership, desire to build up others, genuine gratitude, vision for his sons, love for his wife and desire to magnify God. This will be a valuable way to use 7.5 minutes of your time.
  • Do remember when Armando Galarraga of the Detroit Tigers pitched a perfect game in 2010, but lost the achievement because of an errant umpire call? Do you remember his remarkable, exemplary response, and the humility of the umpire as well? If not you can get a refresher here. It’s worth 2 minutes of your time.


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