The Resurrection Appearances of Christ

Here is a thorough Bible study list of the post-resurrection appearances of Jesus Christ, provided in chronological order.

1. Initial Visits to the Tomb

  • Mk. 16:1 – Spices purchased (probably Saturday evening)
  • Mt. 28:2-4, 27:52-53 – Earthquake and appearances of dead saints (“after” Jesus’ resurrection)
  • Mt. 28:1/Mk. 16:2-3/Lk. 24:1 – Women leave to look at the grave (Sunday morning)
  • Jn. 20:1-2 – Mary Magdalene arrives first alone while it is still dark; finding the tomb empty she runs to tell the disciples that His body has been stolen
  • Lk. 24:2-11/Mk. 16:4-8/Mt. 28:5-8 – Meanwhile, other women arrive after dawn, find the tomb empty, and also run to report to the disciples
  • Jn. 20:3-10 – Peter & John run to tomb and find the empty linens and depart

2. To Mary Magdalene (at the tomb; Sunday morning)

  • Jn. 20:11-18/Mk. 16:9-11 – Mary Magdalene followed Peter & John back to the tomb and then lingered there after their departure back to the others

3.  To the Other Women (en route to the tomb; Sunday morning)

  • Mt. 28:9-10 – Probably on their return trip to the tomb some time after disciples’ and Mary’s

4. The Report of Roman Soldiers to Jewish Authorities

  • Mt. 28:11-15

5. To Peter (Jerusalem; Sunday)

  • Lk. 24:34  [1 Cor. 15:5a]

6. To the Two Disciples Travelling (west of Jerusalem on the road to Emmaus; Sunday)

  • Lk. 24:13-35/Mk. 16:12-13

If this reconstruction is correct, these disciples apparently left on their journey after the initial report of the women and the return of Peter & John with their report, but before Mary Magdalene and the other women returned again with the news that they had actually seen the Lord, and before Jesus’ appearance to Peter which they somehow subsequently discovered and reported to the others upon their return to Jerusalem that night.

7. To the Ten Disciples Gathered Together (Jerusalem; Sunday evening)

  • Jn. 20:19-25; Lk. 24:36-43/Mk. 16:14  [1 Cor. 15:5b]

8. To the Eleven Disciples Assembled (Jerusalem; Sunday week)

  • Jn. 20:26-31

9. To Over 500 Believers Gathered Together (?)

  • [1 Cor. 15:6]

10. To James, His Half-Brother (?)

  • [1 Cor. 15:7a]

11. To Seven Disciples Fishing  (Sea of Galilee)

  • Jn. 21:1-25

12. To Eleven in Galilee  (mountain in Galilee; 40 days)

  • Mt. 28:16-20/Mk. 16:15-18/Lk. 24:44-49/Acts 1:3-8  [1 Cor. 15:7b]

13. At His Ascension (Bethany-side of Mount of Olives)

  • Acts 1:9-12/Lk. 24:50-53; Mk. 16:19-20

14. To Paul the Apostle (Damascus Road; Arabia)

  • Acts 9:4; Gal. 1:17  [1 Cor. 15:8]

A big thank you to Bro. Layton Talbert for providing this list and granting permission to post it here. I received it as a resource from my mentor and professor, Bro. Timothy Berrey.