Top Posts in 2017

What was your favorite post from this year? The 20 most-read posts are:

  1. Why Did the Magi Go to Herod?
  2. Wearing Suits to Church
  3. Jesus and the Woman Caught in Adultery
  4. What Happens When I Don’t Confess My Sin
  5. Should Christians Save Money for the Future?
  6. The First Step Was … Not a Wall
  7. Respect Your Wife and Love Your Husband
  8. A Spectator in Your Church
  9. A Lesson about Laziness: A Bible Study for Children
  10. Distracted Worship
  11. The Last Days and Spiritual Awakening
  12. The Real Problem of the Lukewarm Christian
  13. Are Women Weaker Than Men?
  14. What’s Wrong with the Prosperity Gospel?
  15. Don’t Twist the Scriptures
  16. Bible Study: Training Church Leadership
  17. Explaining the Trinity to Your Muslim Neighbors
  18. The Basics of Bible Interpretation: Lesson 1
  19. Deacon Ministry
  20. The Basics of Bible Interpretation: Lesson 2


Top Posts in 2016

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