You’ve Been Evicted – By Sin

Boarded Up Council HouseHave you received the righteousness of God by faith? If so, Paul asks you a very important question. He introduces the thought in Rom. 5:20, expands it as a question in Rom. 6:1, and answers the question with an exclamation in Rom. 6:2.

  • The thought – when your sin is abundant, the grace of God is more abundant (Rom. 5:20).
  • The question – should you sin even more so that you may experience the grace of God even more (Rom. 6:1)?
  • The answer – absolutely not (Rom. 6:2)!

The grace of God should motivate you to sin less, not more. To make this point unmistakably clear, Paul presents a very important fact. You’ve been evicted – by sin. In your old, unconverted life, you lived under sin’s roof. It was a horrid house filled with temptation, dissatisfaction, empty promises, unfulfilled desires, heartache, loneliness, fear and death.

You’ve been evicted – by sin.

But when you trusted in the righteousness of Christ for salvation, God declared you righteousness. He gave you an entirely new record. He removed your old record of sinful violations and guilt and replaced it with a new record of innocence and righteousness – the very righteousness of Christ. But there’s more.

In addition to giving you a new record, He gave you a new residence. You no longer live under the roof of sin. You live under the roof of grace. You’ve been evicted from the house and the family of sin. Your obligatory, binding relationship to the rules of that house have ended. That old relationship is dead. You no longer have a seat at the table there.

In addition to giving you a new record, He gave you a new residence.

Knowing this fact of a new record and a new residence makes it very clear that justification by faith does not encourage unbridled sin. You live in a new house furnished with victory, satisfaction, hope, joy, and never-ending life. This new life in the house of grace discourages sin and makes true righteousness possible in your spirit and behavior.

Should you continue sinning to experience grace? No! You’ve been evicted from the house of sin. Should you increase in righteousness? Yes! You are living in the house of grace, which makes a life of true righteousness possible.

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