Parental Affirmation

Children need parents to warn them against wrong behavior and to provide them with consequences when they make wrong choices. But they need more than warnings and consequences related to bad behavior. They also need parents to encourage good…

God is Holy, People are Sinful

If the person you are witnessing to has agreed to let you share the gospel, you have a wide-open door of opportunity. You want to take advantage of it by sharing the gospel thoroughly and clearly. In your presentation, there are four key points…

Episode 127: A Plurality in the Godhead

While Scriptures clearly teach that there is one God, they also intimate that somehow there is a plurality within the Godhead. Join Pastor Thomas Overmiller to discover what this means and where the Bible teaches this idea.

Episode 126: God is One

To understand the Trinity properly, it is necessary to observe that the Bible reveals one God and not three. Join Pastor Thomas Overmiller to discover what the Bible teaches about the oneness of God.